How To Count Cards & WIN at Blackjack!

Playing blackjack blind stacks the odds against you, but by the power of maths you can get the advantage back on your side. Featured Episode: How To Count Cards & Beat The Casino! Latest Episode: Can You Solve This Impossible Sequence? — For more Scam School, find Brian on social[…]

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How to Win at Online Blackjack by GamblingNerd.com

For a complete guide on how to win at Blackjack visit In this video we will show you the best strategy for online blackjack games. There is no guarantee that you will win every time by using this strategy (because you won’t). But by playing according to this strategy you[…]

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Red Dead Redemption: How to play Blackjack

Quick run through on the basics of Black Jack. If your trying to make money off of this game, here’s how you do it: earn more chips than you started with, and leave the table. Your extra chips will convert into money and the game will consider that you made[…]

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