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How to prevent taking part in on slot fruit equipment and roulette equipment FOBT

Ideas that labored for me and stopped me taking part in on slot / fruit equipment (slots) and roulette equipment (FOBTs.)
Realise you aren’t going to earn

1. Major problem is halting taking part in on them so answer is to not start off. When you have the urge consider of anything you could have purchased with the revenue you have missing and causes you you should not want to start off.
2. Get addicted to anything else . not medicine. show pool match.
three. Realise that these game titles are designed to be addictive, they have psychology professors and brain researchers performing on them to make them a lot more addictive. That is why they participate in melodic tunes to sooth your mind and place you in a trance like state.
4. Do not go out with significantly revenue in your wallet or purse. So you should not experience need to promote it
five. Self exclude on your own from the betting stores or destinations where you participate in these equipment. Uncomplicated to do with some firms many others make it a lot more complicated
six. Settle for your losses- check out them as an costly entertainment cost. Realise that the a lot more you participate in the a lot more you will get rid of and that chasing your losses will make you get rid of a lot more revenue
seven. Inform on your own that taking part in these game titles will destroy you as it has accomplished with so numerous other persons. Much more persons dedicate suicide since of gambling than just about anything.
eight. Get each and every working day as it will come and realise that the very first couple of days will be the most complicated.
nine. If you are gambling with pals explain to them you no extended want to go and avoid going.
ten. Check out Hypnosis – performs for some persons. Cost £60-£80 – you will get rid of that in just one session quickly.

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  1. ive been a bad gambler for years lost 200 in a pub today.. Self excluded myself at bookies am going to try my hardest from now on as ive had enough

  2. i think these machines are fixed just like a fruit machine! but bookies say there random from a number genrater. i guess we can,t prove if there fixed or random! with all the money i lost though and saw other people lose too i would say 99% fixed but i could be wrong.

  3. Hello All,

    I am currently conducting a Master's Degree investigation in to the UK Gambling Industry's weak Money Laundering controls, with a specific focus on FOBT machines.

    I am VERY keen to speak with ex (or current) regular users of bookmaker FOBT machines. It will not take much of your time, it’s just a few questions about the deposit process/value of stakes/withdrawal process.

    If anyone would be kind enough to get involved, please contact me on, as there seems to be no “message me” option on my YouTube channel.

    All questionnaire responses will be dealt with complete anonymity.

    Thanks, and I hope you hear from you!


  4. Nice tips man thank you

  5. some excellent advice

  6. totally rigged to lose you will never win at all stay away from get them banned the FOBT

  7. these ladbrokes fobt are causing untold damage the bookmakers could not give a hoot lets please put a end to these machines please sign the petition at 38 degrees stop the fobt you will be doing yourself and every other fellow human a favour it is now time to move on trust me !!!
    this is what I believe these FOBT companies are doing to people please click on links provided and complain to your MP lets get them banned here are some stories told by the independent newspaper and other news company's

    also click on this link also

    A few weeks ago, a customer went into a betting shop in west London to have a flutter. He started with a few pounds in a fruit machine game but got nothing back. Feeling a little irked, he decided to try his hand at roulette, upping his stakes to £100 a go.

    By the time the machine, a fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT), had swallowed £3,000, the man completely lost it. He smashed up all four roulette games and then put his fist through the screens of two betting terminals. To the bookie, he was a good punter – a regular who laid out big stakes. So once they had fixed up the machines a couple of hours later, far from barring him for his violent outburst, they welcomed him back that very same day.

    "There was one shop that I worked in where the machines were getting smashed every single week," says Shelley (not her real name), a cashier at a chain of bookmakers. "They keep it quiet, they don't want the bad publicity. They tell you as long as you aren't hurt, not to call the police. We just phone the company who makes the machines and usually they'll come straight out within the hour and fix them."

    These FOBTs are a hot topic right now. Since they were first introduced to our betting shops 15 years ago, debate has raged about the wisdom of introducing what is essentially casino-level gambling to our high streets. FOBTs are touchscreen electronic gambling terminals, a little like fruit machines, but with much higher stakes. You can bet anything up to £100 on a single go and the jackpot is £500. By far the most commonly played game is roulette, but the machines also offer poker, Black Jack and a range of slot-machine games.

    For the bookie, they are a golden goose. Shelley tells me that customers between them regularly put £25,000 every week into a single machine – and there are four – in her London branch. For the Government, it's even more of a bonanza. In March, it announced that it was hiking the tax on FOBTs from 20 to 25 per cent. For the punters, however, it's a little less rosy. The machines have been called the "crack cocaine" of betting. Detractors say that they create problem gamblers in shops that cluster in the most deprived high streets of the UK. LETS GET THEM BANNED THEY ARE ROBBING PEOPLE sign the petition

    lets get thes machines banned there causing misery to people email your mp and tell him your findings

    ask yourself now it really is fixed so that you will lose placed bets on middle column 2/1 spin wheel 5 times not once did it come in either came in first or third column now i know its a scam by the bookmakers even the bookmaker told me this in person telling me he has never seen anyone wining a fair amount in the present in otherwords rigged rigged rigged a scam

  8. Those machines have ruined my life , lost so much money

  9. another shit day for me pissing money away in the betting office cocaine machine

  10. Never done the cash back thing at a pub but have went to a atm to get money to try to recoup my losses. It's a real sign of addiction when you do that. Best thing to do is not to start playing them as £1 leads to more

  11. what is bad is when u had a few drinks and lost and theres no atm u can get cash back u only need to spend £1 which isnt good this is in pubs but if u didnt wanna play just go in late for last orders as they have turned them off then


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