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Roulette 5, fifteen, 45 strategy with one variety straight up only.

How to win on roulette with a straight up guess on one single variety.
I guess 5 $ on straight up on one variety, and goes for thirty video games. If my chosen variety for betting did not win, I raise the bets x3.
I designed video games on 5, fifteen and up to 45 $, but did not went above, as my chosen variety got hit.
(reaching 45 $ bets x30 wheel spins suggests I have to win on a lot less than 90 video games)



  1. Betting a single number is the worst bet in Roulette
    why you ask?

    Math tells us that in the next 37 spins 13 numbers won't show up
    Here's the math: (36/37)^37*37 = 13.4 numbers not spun out in 37 in the next 37 spins
    Google will give you that answer if you type in the browser address window "(36/37)^37*37"

    This is the "law of 3rds" where 1/3 of the numbers to be spun just won't show up

    In 100 spins 6 numbers still won't show up (36/37)^100*100
    in 1,000 spins, 1 number still won't show up (36/37)^1000*1000

    So if you ever want to get back to the normal loss of 2.7% in Roulette you can't ever bet on single numbers

    that's math folks – don't blame me

  2. Single number progressive systems are nothing new. And you don't need to triple your bet like this either.

  3. Too risky, a single number can delay for various thousands of spins !


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