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Blackjack Stress Examination: Never ever Bust vs Essential Method

Six-deck heads-up blackjack comparing “never bust” to basic strategy.
Vendor stands on all 17s. No surrender. Blackjack pays 3:2.
One sneakers. ~75% penetration.

On the very previous hand for the Never ever Bust participant: Must have stayed on smooth nine/19, and then doubled-down on the previous hand of the split. increase 1 device to the closing tally for the Never ever Bust participant.

Also, my cell phone stopped recording about the 48 minute mark, but then resumed. I think mainly because the video clip hit 4gb in sizing. At minimum I was capable to merge the videos again jointly into one,,, irrespective of my mentioning that I would not be capable to do it regarding displaying the entire shuffle treatment.

The “Never ever Bust” strategy often stands with a difficult twelve or increased.
Each individual strategy plays off its individual shoe, which are exact copies of just about every other (card values only).
For this collection I am not going to demonstrate the entire shuffle treatment. As fascinating as I know it is for you to enjoy, it’s significantly considerably less fascinating to enjoy me set up the 2nd shoe as a duplicate. I hope I have attained your belief that I am not stacking the deck.

Each individual participant starts off with 50 chips.
Flat wager participant bets 1 chip for every hand.

Table least: 1 chip. Table Utmost: 100 chips. This would be the equal of a $five/$five hundred table.

You can also use this (and forthcoming foreseeable future videos) as a representative circumstance to exam your betting technique or card counting.

I am not a pro seller, so be awesome.



  1. On hand # 50 On the 3 split u had an ace 5 3 for nineteen then u hit again and worsen the hand to sixteen looked dumb

  2. I'll save you more time and babbling………Here are the CVData results for a 400-million-round sim for a heads-up player employing a "Never Bust" strategy. His overall IBA is -3.193%. Each entry represents the number of streaks of the given length (not longer), neglecting pushes.

    Hands Win Lose
    1 50,028,470 42,326,260
    2 23,231,310 23,157,810
    3 10,853,860 12,715,100
    4 5,077,507 6,978,123
    5 2,378,937 3,828,495
    6 1,112,388 2,102,067
    7 520,118 1,152,798
    8 243,461 632,484
    9 113,037 346,186
    10 52,993 189,781
    11 24,622 103,537
    12 11,657 57,184
    13 5,441 31,057
    14 2,583 17,178
    15 1,163 9,180
    16 518 5,162
    17 264 2,783
    18 118 1,491
    19 59 828
    20 22 464
    20+ 18 555

  3. everytime i have to come back to this video to respond to a reply cracks me up, this video way go down as the top 10 waste of time

  4. Never bust strategy player 2 ways to win 1 way to lose DEALER 2 ways to lose 1 way to win

  5. Little crazy jjjjj

  6. when you use never bust system, u may never bust playing blackjack but you will bust your bankroll

  7. 18:15 Incredible! 15 vs. 7 you stand and you win.

  8. Hi, just wondering how to see the next videos in this series?

  9. #1…you cant use 1 shoe as an acurate test. Have to run millions of simulations on a computer. And #2….you dont even know basic strategy and your doing a video on blackjack. ( A3 only doubles on 5 or 6)

  10. I found this video because this is how I have played since the early 90's, never bust. But I only split A's and 8's and double down when obvious.

  11. Check out the Blackjack Kingpin tool to do all the card counting for you, when playing online live dealer blackjack. It makes deviations and true count stupid easy.

  12. 12 vs 2 u stand and the dealers bust … brilliant !!!play like this as much as u can and u will be the best client of the casinos …

  13. Eight of Spades.

    I'm just an amateur part time player, but i'm confident the end results will be the best performing of all your tests.

    After the finale i will donate £150+ to the channel for your constant dedication and maybe i can say 'told you so'.

    Best wishes, keep them coming.

  14. Love watching your videos my man. Keep up the good work!!!

  15. Thank you, great video as always. This is the system i use… so it will be great to eventually see your findings.

  16. I don't see the betting increases after a win or wins? Also the "non-bust" strategy requires a player to assess a dealers performance to a consists bust nature by exploring numerous tables a the casino…there are other considerations but that's my basic understanding…love your patience!


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