How To Win BlackJack

The Truth About Getting Insurance plan as a Card Counting Blackjack Player

Blackjack Apprenticeship answers the problem “Need to you purchase insurance plan when counting cards?” Find out the principles, when to comply with them, and when not to comply with them as a card counter. Possessing a profitable blackjack strategy entails actively playing perfectly all the time. Find out how card counting can make you a profitable blackjack player.



  1. I've been taking insurance when my hand is 20, and its been working in my favor. I'll either win the insurance bet, or I'll lose the insurance bet but win the hand. It pretty much replaces surrendering, which is not allowed at the houses I play at.

  2. Illustrious 18 says take ins on a +3 tc. Do you agree?

  3. Thank you for this vid. Fred Renzeys' Blackjack Bluebook II explains in excellent detail how the insurance bet works. Good cards!

  4. I'm going to clean the east coast casinos out.

  5. These vids are very good


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