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Chat and enjoy the video games! Hangman, trivia, slot machines and flipcoin.

Modifications six/8/2018


2 to three word remedies

Guess a letter – price 20,000
Guess a vowel – price 40,000
Guess word – price thirty,000

Come across a letter, prize is seventy five,000
Come across previous letter or guess the word, prize is 500,000

You can begin the recreation now with !hangman, !startHangman will no extended perform.

++++++Gamble recreation

Tests new structure:

Possible rolls – 16
Possible 5x wins – six (figures 2,four,six,8,ten,twelve)
Possible jackpot win – one (selection 16)
Least wager – one hundred,000
one hundred% of shedding bets are contributed into the jackpot pool

++++++New Raffle

New raffle is each individual twenty five minutes
Least entry is 200,000
All entries are contributed to the prize pool
enter by !letmewin (amount to wager)

++++trivia recreation

Prize for solutions are 750,000 to one,200,000 factors

+++++Position Giveaway

each individual fifteen min of in between four hundred-800k factors so you can enjoy video games

+++++Increase trivia inquiries

Assistance out by adding your very own trivia inquiries.
Observe the following structure exactly to post:

!addtrivia “Dilemma”,”Respond to”


​!addtrivia “who was president of the United states of america when bill clinton was born”,”Truman”

these will be saved to a textual content file, and I will include them to the trivia inquiries each individual handful of times.


Cash will be reset each individual week. I will attempt to do this each individual Friday or Saturday.

– Each individual 50 percent hour all energetic chatters get a random reward of up to 500,000 cash (make it rain)

– Random viewer will be drawn each individual 20 minutes to win one hundred,000 cash

– A raffle will be began each individual 20 minutes for a fortunate winner of 750,000 cash


//////Free of charge Video games//////

Each individual thirty minutes you can use the following free of charge recreation commands:


ten% prospect for the space to win twelve,000
20% prospect for the space to win 7,000
20% prospect for the space to win four,000


20% prospect to win 20-40k
20% prospect to win 40-80k
20% prospect to win eighty-140k
40% prospect of a shedding draw.


//////Compensated Video games//////

Each individual ten minutes:


Value is fifty,000 cash

In general odds of profitable a prize fifty%

ten% prospect to win 250,000
ten% prospect to win a hundred and fifty,000
thirty% prospect to win one hundred,000

Each individual 5 minutes:


Value is 60,000

one in ten prospect to win 750,000 cash. In general odds ten%.



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