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++NEW Red Hot Tamales slot machine

I started off playing this game at 81 cent/spin (a strange number) because I thought the only thing I was going to miss out on was progressive and 3-Wild combination. Half way through the game, after wondering why the Wild symbol never seemed to pay off, I realized that you have to bet $1.35 in order for the Wild to do ANYTHING.

If you look at the pay table, getting 3 Wilds might look impressive, but it really only pays 7.4x your bet. In order to win anything, you need lots of 7s to show up. This game is 27 lines (i.e. Anyway) so stacks of 7s can pay off. And, if you get all Red or Yellow 7s, and you bet $1.35/spin, you get one of the progressives.

This 3-Reel Stepper game is one of IGT’s latest, and it takes good advantage of the razzle dazzle of the new platform.

By the way, I didn’t end up playing this using my Double, Bonus or Goose rules because the game’s clatter attracted the eyes of security and I cut and ran.

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  1. You need to increase you're bet after two times playing at 81 credits bet to 1.35 per bet to win money …

  2. Check out my win on this game! 🙂

  3. Grab the goose and run! Damn you security!

  4. I guess this game is geared towards hig rollers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This buy-a-pay game is excellent for teaching gamblers why they need to read the paytable. This game's paytable (11 seconds into your video ) shows it takes $1.35 for wilds…when you changed your bet at 4:29, so did your wins.
    When I first started gaming, I read articles by Michael Shackelford, the Wizard of Odds. He analyzed he Blazing 7's game on the web. Like this game it paid only on bars with 1 coin, paid both bars and 7's with two, and required 3 for the jackpot. I couldn't tell you if there were wilds at all. I think this is a new feature introduced to get more of our money.
    On this game you are really betting 1, 3, or 5 coins when you play. Mike's advice would have been to play two coins just as Random did by playing the middle option (81 cents). Of course there was no special treatment of wilds in that game and that changes everything.
    The best thing I think you can do is give Random time to study the game and the odds, and then report back to us (on another video perhaps) what's the best way to play. Or, you can always play something else. : )

  6. IGT seems to avoid making licensed old school slots unlike WMS but I'm more comfortable playing the S3000 series. We're just getting these S3000 and WMS old school machines now at both casinos. I would like to see you try your luck at Double Diamonds Blackjack.

  7. Yep that's security for you. All around the casino checking us out. No gosse needed on this win LOL. I am hoping to do well this Wednesday on my promo play. At least hung out for a bit. 😌 i will keep my eyes open for security.



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