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Harlequin Hearts slot machine, Reward & Nip It in the Bud

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Essential: Most videos are “Double, Reward or Goose” (DBG). It is reside play, often with useless and little spins edited out. Session finishes when I get a bonus, I double the first stake, or The Goose demonstrates up. An Hourglass indicates when spins have been edited out to shorten the online video. “Whadayaknow” is a bonus in the 1st by third spin.

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  1. Gosto de bingo gsn 2 derli elena 2

  2. Gosh, Random. I didn't know there was a casino in Mayberry — must be, since Barney Fife busted you for filming. (cute). Too bad, because you were doing well. Good idea to praise the casinos that allow filming – maybe more will realize that's free publicity for them. Harlequin Hearts has been around for a long, long time — maybe even longer than Harlequin Romances. But I bet not one of your female viewers ever read one. Maybe that will be my new hobby when I give up slots. lol

  3. Harlequin Hearts is one of the slots Casino Lac Leamy (where you can also film your slot play) permanently owns. One of the nicer looking Miss Kitty clones.

    While I understand that some casinos are not ready to allow filming just yet, I do have an issue with people who have made videos where they play the spoiled and privileged victim card when being told not to film. Won’t name anybody but they use caps lock in their titles. Just don’t give your business to said casino and move on. There are more important matters in life than some gambling addict….er…..YouTube Gaming Channel guy looking for sympathy because their money-making plans hit a little snag.

  4. That's a great win. Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

  5. Yah, sad that casinos are afraid of filming ! But this bonus was going so well! Nice to get bonus when you had money($20) on credit line, bonus is "gravy"!!


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