How To Win BlackJack

[Round 1 of 7] New Blackjack Betting Strategies Exposed – Action Starts At 07:05 – Make $100+ HR!

Welcome to Round 1 of 7, in the all-new blackjack betting strategies online video series. We are heading to show you how we “would” or “applied to” make money at Blackjack.

Over the upcoming 7 videos you happen to be heading to find out every one particular of my incredible Blackjack betting programs that will make you an remarkable and highly developed winner of the video game.

You’ll be equipped to wander into a casino and be armed with every game’s “system” for how to acquire, the moment you end this series…

…for the reason that BrunsonFX Gaming has presently unveiled all other video games that we engage in with system videos for producing $$ at each.

So when this series is accomplished, we are accomplished….

So get all set for the experience of your everyday living…and in this online video I do a lot of chatting and giving you some back story and then we run into an difficulty with and then we find Wizard of Odds and then at 07:05 is when I in fact engage in and acquire…??

In this online video we fake we are actively playing $ten-$100 MAX bet on a $one thousand Session Roll and we are executing this as our experienced working day-position to make ten% or $100 in advance of we contact it quits.

The way our “BNorm” program performs is bet how you would “typically” at a $5 video game but start off at $25 at a “significant limit” video game.

What you do is bet like this when you happen to be dropping:

$25, $thirty, $35, $40, $forty five, $fifty etc

When you are winning, you bet like this:


Which is it. Uncomplicated as hell appropriate? Completely wrong!!!

Only 2% of ALL Blackjack gamers in the entire world engage in Ideal Basic Technique and have MASTERED that unique video game and established of guidelines! Which is why I ONLY Engage in IN COLORADO and nowhere else.

Basic Technique is the initially point you want to master in advance of you can “get like me” and do this S**T for a residing or professionally. It took me eighteen months of each day follow to master it 100% by insta-memory.

# Aim: Make ten% on your Session Roll and contact it quits for “hour”.

This tends to make me money and I are not able to complain, right until I drop for genuine…


Welcome to the Brunson Fx gaming channel the place we show you our confirmed strategies and programs for beating on line poker and many video games the place possibility is included.

We also can acquire at area casinos in funds video games using our programs as very well and intention to show you what’s working for us in hopes that you make improvements to your engage in and earnings persistently, but extra importantly, have extra enjoyment gambling!

*Gamble at your personal possibility. Find assist if you have a dilemma.

Thank you for ALL the LIKES, SHARES, and SUBSCRIBES, we like how considerably this has grown, and served other gaming lovers execute greater in casinos.

DISCLAIMER: We publish videos strictly for enjoyment applications only. We show only the greatest “short video game” tactics and strategies for winning early. Getting in and receiving out swiftly with income! We are NOT open to assembly any gamers in human being, executing any form of enterprise offer with shared income or coaching in personal periods.



  1. Any stop limits? For example you start with a losing streak?

  2. wow –my money management will work great with this too 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 your banker system on baccarat is awesome if you can see a starting shoe which i hang around for to get my 50 dollars for the day you are in and out usually 10 hands make 60 dollars give 10 to the dealer and say goodbye

  3. play on wizard

  4. i will send you a picture of two dealer machine brand new sits 18 people so big can you give me your email


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