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UNBOXING SMAZ Time Equipment (Roulette Wheel IQ Dice)

Website link to invest in:

Here is an unboxing of a Roulette Wheel IQ Dice. I have been seeking to get this puzzle for a although, but was hesitant at initially due to the fact it was a little bit pricey and I am happy I lastly acquired it. It is a extremely fun puzzle to fix, but I the only negative issue about it is that it does get locked due to the fact all the ‘wheels’ have to be aligned. You get utilised to it right after a although but it is a very little aggravating at initially.

Here is how to fix it:



  1. I preordered mine before it was released! I didn't even get a bag!

  2. Hi Alan
    Your stated item “ROULETTE Wheel IQ Cube” link is no longer available, and we have updated to the new link as below:

    Please update yours accordingly.  
    Thanks & Regards

    Luu Jan

  3. @ Mark Miller Ok they do have them in stock. They're just revamping the site. You just have to contact them if you're interested. It'll be a total of $82 with shipping. Just go to their website to contact them and pay to their paypal

  4. @Mark Miller, I couldn't find it anymore on the website that it used to be… I can't seem to find it elsewhere either. They used to sell them in but it seems that they have changed their website..

  5. Lol*

  6. Lol the guy in the video looks like Walter whites sonol

  7. Subbed btw

  8. So I'm running into the same problem with the last 2 #s being backwards. .. can you upload or have you uploaded a video about it


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