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Acutal Authentic-Daily life Blackjack Card Counting Effects

Blackjack card counting presents you a theoretical edge versus the on line casino, but can you basically gain in true life? Listed here I display my true wins and losses in excess of 37 gambling journeys in true casinos. Each journey was about two or three times of more-or-a lot less constant blackjack.

General, I won $96 for every journey on normal. On my worst journey, I misplaced $600. On my very best journey, I won $1,880, but I was betting more than usual using other people’s revenue (investors) on that journey. If I had been betting my usual amount, I would have won only about $four hundred, and my normal gain in excess of 37 journeys would have been just $fifty five.

Since I ordinarily bet $5 to $20 for every hand, my normal gain for every journey was about three huge bets. That performs out to about 1 huge bet for every entire working day of gambling. Taking into consideration the amount of preparation, apply, and work, it was not a massive return. My winnings did not even address my resort charges.

You might assume that I liked that massive $1,880 profitable journey, but I did not. I was underneath a lot of tension to do nicely for my investors, and the on line casino management paid out a lot more attention to my huge bets.

It was on this journey that I was barred from actively playing blackjack at 1 on line casino, the only time it at any time took place to me. The pit manager came in excess of to me and explained, “Sir, I have been looking at you counting playing cards considering that yesterday. I just wished to see if you could retain on profitable. You are no lengthier welcome to enjoy blackjack right here.”

He was polite and explained it with a smile. I slunk absent, embarrassed at obtaining caught. But I was young then. If it took place to me now, I would smile back again and say “Nicely thank you for permitting me enjoy as long as you did!” There is certainly almost nothing unlawful or unethical about card counting it is just using your brain to do the very best that you can, so there is certainly no rationale to be embarrassed about currently being “caught”.

Right after the 37th journey, I misplaced fascination and no lengthier created normal gambling journeys. Even so, I nonetheless enjoy blackjack often when I get a possibility. I nonetheless gain just somewhat more than 1-50 percent of the time. My new interest is creating movies on gambling and other topics.


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